Making The Perfect Potato Chip






Creative Direction, Copywriting, Production Supervision, Shoot Direction, Video Cinematography, Editing and Post-Production

The Project

Everyone loves Lay’s but ever think about what goes in to making the perfect chip?

Frito-Lay and The Marketing Arm joined forces with Auracana to create video content for the “We are Lay’s” video series. Using a documentary style approach, we followed one manager to get a glimpse of his life in and outside of Frito-Lays and convey the labor and love that goes into making every Lay’s Potato chip.

Ingredients: Water, Salt, Potatoes. That’s all it takes to make a Lay’s Potato Chip. Or is it? One man whose job it is to bring the potatoes from the field to the place where it all comes together shared the secret ingredient… Care and Love