We’re in the business of not just telling brand stories, but also, solving challenging business and marketing problems for our clients. Ragnar Relay had a problem. They had a highly successful franchise with a strong mission statement. “Ragnar is about doing things together that we could never do alone – either out running on the road or on the trail.” They had countless videos and photos, but they were having trouble capturing the ‘together’ part of their mission.  

Ragnar Relay wanted to showcase their sense of shared community but also play to the independent streak that runners thrive on. They first heard about Auracana’s deep body of photography work and editorial content for Crossfit HQ and other athletic & fitness related clients. Now they put us to the task, with less than 24 hours notice, to create a video that covers their Snowmass race from start to finish. The goal, capture the essence of ‘togetherness’ and what Ragnar is all about to current fans and those thinking of joining in.


Colorado Snowmass


Ragnar Relay

What We Did

Concept & Creative Direction | Photography | Cinematography | Drone Video & Photo | Video Editing | Post-Production